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First of all : Design

The constant development of the market determines a continuous strive of the design department to adapt and improve the products. Our team uses modern methods for the design of valves - like finite elements analysis resulting best propitious dimensioning (thin shell wall thickness / light weight). We also achieve shapes that are suited for laminar flow and low-pressure drop. Thus, our valves are compatible with international norms and requirements. In order to satisfy our customers expectations, we apply dynamic promotion polices, as special valves design and technical applications development, all these chosen together with you at your request.

Technology :

The integrated manufacturing process includes
- steel foundry (pattern workshop, computer assisted electrical arc furnaces line, mechanized & automatic moulding-casting lines, cleaning machines, heat treatment workshop),
- forge and valves factory (the technological lines are designed and fitted out depending on pressure class, size and valves type consisting of CNC and 3D space machine-tools, special machine -tools for grinding and finishing, automatic welding lines with plasma, flux shielded arc welding , MIG, MAG and WIG welding, assembling and test benches lines, upgraded painting installation) ;
- fast and accurate analysis made in the physical & chemical laboratories (multi-channel spectrometer with x-ray fluorescence for Si, P, V, Cr, Mn, Ni, Cu, Mo identification, automatic analyzer of C+S identification through infrared absorption)
- non-destructive test laboratories (dimension measurements, hardness tests, radiographic, liquids penetrant and magnetic powders examinations, digital ultrasonic examination, etc).